Longer Text Entry Capacity in Diary Notes

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Users of YAZIO have already pointed out that it is particularly useful to capture certain pieces of information in diary notes. It is good that YAZIO has incorporated a note for each day - BUT - this note field is limited to 512 characters. There is an “Add” button which suggests that additional notes (of 512 character length) could be attached to the day (so several note entries per day) but the button does not function in that fashion. It takes the user back to the same initial (and only) note entry each time. Text storage space is minimal. 512 characters is proving to be too little space to capture some of the information I would like to document (feelings, explanations, possible corrective action, investigation ideas etc..).

SUGGESTION: Expand note to 2000 characters of capacity (or so). Alternatively if 512 Characters is a hard constraint, would prefer ability to append multiple notes (each of 512 chars) to each day. The app is great so far, but this would be an improvement.

Under consideration Diary Suggested by: Jim Cunningham Upvoted: 25 Nov, '21 Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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