More user-friendly way of adding foods, please!

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If users want to simply look up an item, they need to click on a meal and "add" to look it up, to then just not add it.

We should be able to (+) ADD FOOD from the button to add or lookup foods.

I've scanned barcodes to not have them show up, so I create; but on the screen then it asks to scan the barcode again. This shouldn't happen.

Then where it asks to input the nutrients, why have two separate screens? As I input fats, I should be able to add saturated fats, for example. It takes 5 separate screens to get through the process - why not just 1-2 screens?

So here the suggestion would be to have these all on the same screen, with "add more" below to add vitamins etc.

Planned Diary Foods General Meals Suggested by: v_Evo_O Upvoted: 30 May Comments: 4

Comments: 4