Add photos function BEFORE entering meal info

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It’d be useful if I could add photos of my meal before entering calories info.

One, keeping pictures of everything I eat is very useful to have a snapshot review of my day.

Two, sometimes when you’re in situation where you just can’t take a moment to input every dishes in front of you - say, you’re eating out with someone - taking pictures help you recollect what you ate and input specific info later on.

But as of now, it’s only possible to add pictures AFTER entering specific meal info. But when you eat out with someone, it’s rude to just dive into your smartphone, right? And when you try to recollect your memories after a few hours, you don’t remember some of the dishes you had.

But If I could simply take a picture of the dishes BEFORE entering meal info, It’d save me some time before eating, and I can fully memorize calories I consumed.

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Comments: 0