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I was tiding up my closet and I find a couple of food expired or close to the expiring date.
I realize that I’m tracking the calories but not the food itself at my place.
So, I thought that could be useful to have a section in the app where we could create a “Room” (a category) like “Fridge” or “Cupboard” and adding item to it, like type of food, quantity, expiring date and so on.

Then, I can think to some implementations:
-We could actually receive a notification when something is close to it expiring date, like a remainder
-We could also have a suggested meal to prepare with the food close to expiring
Like, “hey, eggs will expire in 2 days, why don’t you try them in a delicious cheese and ham omelette”

-When adding a meal to our tracking we could have a section to select it and automatically reduce the quantity of that food from the category like “Fridge”, as it was used up in a meal.
Like, “hey, you are eating 2 eggs, should I remove them from the “Fridge”?

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Comments: 5