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Fasting does not operate to the minutes of a clock and a plan. It occurs according to the flow of life.

So the fasting "intention" according to the fasting plan will come and go and I'm still fasting. OR I may end my fast earlier. I need much easier access and control over the fasting times. Easy ability to one click to open the edit page to edit the start and end times of a fast.

I am happy to go with the automatic start and end times of a fast as programmed in your app but only if it allows for it to be edited "for the real world". Other apps go with a manual start and end for the fast along with the ability to edit later also. This control is necessary and I see another suggestion already exists for the manual start /finish - but no suggestion for editing history. Hence this suggestion. Hope you can fix things so I can use this app for everything.


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Comments: 31

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