Is the "carbs" entry in Nutrition Facts net carbs or not?

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My point is, the "carbs" entry actually seemed like it was intented for "net carbs" while the label doen't say a thing about that, making it look like an entry for total carbs, which is more than confusing.

I was creating a new food entry for my dietary fibre supplements. The label says it's 141kcal calories, 0g fat, 97g carbs (85g being dietary fibre), and 0.1g protein per 100g.
I input all the numbers as-is, including that of dietary fibre, and was told "the entered calories per serving does not match the amounts of fat, carbs and/or protein".
So this time, instead, I input "12"g into the "carbs" entry, and the application no longer had a problem with it. Seems like it's an entry for net carbs only even though it's labelled just "carbs".

Long story short, it is definitely confusing for users and it would be more than nice should it be changed to have a more appropriate label.

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Comments: 3

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