Add gamification/points system for fasting

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I LOVE Yazio, i use the premium version every day but i don't like the fasting system, i use Fastic App (with premium) for the fasting because they offer a system of flame/points, each day you win one flame and if you forget 1 day, you lost all your serie. Every 7 days they give you a "JEWELERY" you can use for skip one day of fasting without losing all your serie/flame and eat what you want (cheat day). It is so motivating. The Yazio one is useless for people like me who needs a boost of motivation. YAZIO is the best app in the world for calories/food... all that's missing is a point/flame system for fasting in my opinion. If you do it, you will beat ALL the fasting apps in the market + calories counter app !

Under consideration Fasting Feature Suggested by: Simon Légaré Upvoted: 08 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

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