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I want the info about my total calorie burn from my garmin watch to be included in YAZIO, my personal calorie burn in total rest is 1675 and then my active calories is added and I have about 2100 in total if I am active enough during one day. If I want to lose 1 kg of weight in one week (a lot but just an example) I need a loss of 1000 calories a day and now in YAZIO the calories says I can eat more when active calories are in count, but really I can not eat more if I want the intake to be under 2100. I get no concept of a total in and out and I have to use excel to count in and out each day which is why I have two apps that connects with each other, to avoid this. I want to see a total of in and out and no counting up calorie intake when I am active if I want to loose weight. I burn 2100, I eat 1000, I want to see the total loss for the week so I can see that I am on track.

Thank u

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Comments: 4

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