Vitamin and mineral supplements improvements

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It is already possible to add suppliments but I really miss alot of options. For example I added an supplement with vitamin C and iron but it also contains folic acid and B12 that was unable to be added. Maybe a serch function for additional nutrients while you register the suppliment would be great.

Another problem was the weight per pill. 1 pill weight 0.8grams but the lowest was 1 gram. It makes the nutrition value wrong (0. 8 gram = 80mg vitamin C, 1gram =100mg vitamin C) I took 1 pill / 80 mg vitamin C but the app register it as I took 100 mg vitamin C.
The same for the Iron content.

If I produce is below 1 gram, please allow us to correctly register it for you and everyone else.

Under consideration Foods Micro Nutrients Suggested by: Rebecca Lindholm Upvoted: 29 Apr Comments: 2

Comments: 2