Make progress colors more gradual ⚪️🟢🟡🟠🔴

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In weight loosing journey mind is as important as body. Expecting perfection from yourself especially if you’re in an early stage of your way to being healthier can get you nowhere very quickly. You have better and worse days and I’d love the app to reflect that without projecting guilt.

When I’m 70 kcal over my limit I don’t want to be hit by red colour like I did something wrong. It’s different than going 300 kcal over the goal but app doesn’t seem to see this different. It even promotes unhealthy habits by showing green colour even if you’re 500 kcal below your healthy value.

THE IDEA: add the colour scale to the progress bar so I can see the value the right way, the way that doesn’t make me feel guilty.
I’m way under the goal - make it grey ⚪️
I’m at the limit - make it vivid green 🟢
I’m above the limit - move me from green 🟢 through yellow 🟡, orange 🟠 to solid red 🔴, depending how much I missed the goal.

Let’s make the weight loosing healthy.

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Comments: 14