Please, please let us use all these datas...

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Hi ! In these times, it became important to count things. Count our nutriments yes. But carbon footprint is important too. I know Yazio is not about CO2. My point is that we collect VERY precise datas, all day, but we cannot use them. I'm sure many among us would be very interested to know how much chicken we ate. How many liters of coffee. How much chocolate we ate. The alcool.

It's very current, in medical life, to ask about our habits, we could give precise numbers here too.

Please, please give us a feature for that. It would be really easy since food is already in catergories. Or at least, let us export these datas !

Thanks !

Under consideration Analysis Suggested by: Eliot Upvoted: 15 Jan Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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